C# Version (v3.x) of LemmaGen Standalone Lemmatisation

This section provides links to the downloadable content and gives some basic information about it. You can get some general overview about the development of LemmaGen and versioning at

As this library provides increased functionality over the previous versions of LemmaGen its distribution is a bit more complex. We have prepared three versions of libraries which share:

  • The codename for C# LemmaGen is LemmaSharp (so do not be surprised to see all the project and solutions named like so),
  • Build upon .NET framework version 2.0 or higher,
  • All solution and projects are created and can be build by Visual Studio 2008 or higher.

Here are the links to download the libraries sources:

  • Base version (sources, binaries): this is the base version which provides you all the functionality for creating lemmatizers and lemmatizing - but requires that you have the data for building lemmatizers (pre lemmatized examples of words).
  • Base + PrebuiltCompact version (sources, binaries): besides base functionality this version already includes lemmatizers for 15 european languages, so you do not need to train your own lemmatizers if you just want to lemmatize.
  • Base + PrebuiltFull version (sources, binaries): besides Base and PrebuildCompact functionality, this version provides you the ability to study prebuild models in depth. However, the lemmatization is the same as in compact version.

If you just want to lemmatize than we advise "Base + PrebuildCompact" version as it is much smaller than the PrebuildFull one.

Some examples and code samples